Aluminium bi folding doors & windows

Let the light from the outside flood inside!

Aluminium Bi-Folding doors could be the solution you have been looking for!!

The very best products always come with the right specification for your project. Whether your priority is low U-values, high security or low maintenance Rightlook has the solution for you!

You can enjoy a stunning unspoiled view to the outdoors all year round – all from the comfort of your living room, kitchen or conservatory!

With a choice of inward or outward opening, draught and water tight doors that open effortlessly on precision rollers, your folding doors can be customised to contain up to 16 panels on each frame, with frames available in marine grade finishes in almost any colour. In addition, there is also a wide range of dual colours to the interior and exterior – with all of this scope for customisation there is something for everyone!

Aluminium Bi folding windows enhance almost any type of building and home, bi folding windows are a new and innovative idea, evolved from the bi folding door. The bi folding window allows you to open up any room and still retain that important wall space for items such as a sofa or half height units.

Aluminium Bi folding windows mirror the options of bi folding doors offering the same degree of customisation so you really can create the look that meets your space and style requirements. 


Aluminium bi folding doors & windows